Andrea Price Therapeutic Massage
Over 20+ years of experience

A simple and rewarding way 
to take control and cope with
the stress of the body as well as
the mind.
What I Do
Massage has been around for thousands of years and in many different cultures. Massage Therapies have been designed to help minimize the aches and paIns of everday living either biological or emotional. Stress will not go away but massage is a tool to help you cope better with stress for a healthier outlook on life and relief from nagging pain.
  • Sports Massage is designed for the athlete. I encourage everybody to do this massage as it is beneficial for increased mobility and recovery from a specific event or events.
  • Deep Tissue massage is designed for helping the muscle tissue to relax and surrender those stubborn knots and assist in new muscle memory.
  • Therapeutic Swedish Massage is great for increased circulation and stress recovery. 
  • Hot Rock Therapy is for those that are overstimulated and too sore for deeper work and need to achieve relief with help from heat. This treatment is also a detox as with any heat treatments and brings deep relaxation.
  • Lymphatic Massage is designed for those who have a weakened immune system and need to clear congestion in the body through Lymphatic drainage. 
  • Pre-Natal/post-natal Massage is designed for an expectant mother. This massage eases the aches and pains for a rapidly changing body and aids in the preparation of childbirth.
  • Thai Massage is assisted stretching in ways that you could not achieve yourself. Through passive stretches, a deeper stretch is accomplished. Thai massage is invigorating and energizing.
  • Reflexology is the map of the whole body on the soles of your feet.  Reflexology uses pressure points at the bottom of the feet to help achieve relief from bodily pain as well as tired feet.
Three 60 min Massage @$300
Three 2 Hour Masssages @490
Three 90 min [email protected]$400
Six 90 min Massages @$780
Six 2 hour Massages @$960
Six 60 min [email protected]$590
I have been doing Massage Therapy for over 20 years. I have discovered throughout the years how much I enjoy Helping others with pain Managment and Stress relieving services. I believe that in my small way by helping people achieve a more manageable way to deal with the stress of body the mind soon follows and people make more room for compassion with themselves and each other.  
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message. Gift certificates available.

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